About Us

The "Tallinn frisbee Club" connects people, who are into Ultimate Frisbee, supporting and developing our field of sports. On 1997 two groups of people started to play actively Ultimate Frisbee. They joined their forces to start a club on May 26, 2001.

Over the years many people have put a lot of effort and time into popularize the sport. With little steps we have got to the point where we have beginners practise, advanced practises and two cities where one can play Ultimate in Tallinn and in Tartu as well. We take part university events and children camps to get the word around about this awesome game.

Tallinn Frisbee Club teams enjoy going to tournaments. We are presented with the names “Sexy Legs”, when playing mixed, “Sexy Legs” when playing women and “FreezeB” when playing open. Various other names have been presented in cases when we have more than one team on a tournament.

Even when Estonia has only ~ 80 players we have participated in important tournaments and doing quite well. On 2010 attending to the World ultimate club championships and getting a 28.place in 40 mixed teams. Year after that on 2011 a 10-th place in 22 mixed teams in World Championship of Beach Ultimate. Over the years we have been to many tournaments, mostly in Baltic Countries but more and more within the Europe. So if you see the name “Sexy Legs” come around and say “Tere” [Hello].

There are other ways to meet us too, at the moment we organize quite many tournaments. The year starts in February with Indoors Estonian Championships (a closed one day event). In March we welcome you to Tallinn to participate in an international tournament “Kick in de Kök” the last indoors tournament. Since 2013 we also welcome you to Pärnu in July to enjoy a great mixed weekend in “Mixed Madness”. Sometimes you can find the Baltic Championship of Ultimate in Estonia (after every three years), the same goes organizing the European Qualification tournament after every three years.

We welcome all the new players to our practises, if you’re never played before, but want to start now in Estonia then the beginners practise is for you. If you are an Ultimate player spending few days in Tallinn, feel free to join our practices too.

Tallinn Frisbee Club is part of a great society called Ultimate Frisbee players. We share the same hospitality as we get around the world.

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